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           All of our corsets are handcrafted on 
         Vancouver Island. We do not import.


     Making corsets as unique
          as the people who
        wear them

      As custom specialists, we believe everyone is unique; both in their tastes and their body and as such strive to treat every client as the individual that they are. We understand that a corset is not just a garment, it is an expression of individuality.
      This means that on all 'truly custom' pieces, we work with you to create a product that is tailored specifically to suit your body's needs and your personality. Each corset is cut from a pattern specially drafted from the clients specifications, which is then kept on file for a period of time in the event you would like to reorder. The  drafting process involves a series of 14 measurements that can be viewed in our Measurements Guide.

      Our truly custom corsets have many options that can be be added to help your special order stand out from the crowd. 
Please refer to our Features page to view some of the options that are available to you.