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About GL Corsets

A Little Bit about Golden Lily 


Britt initially gained her sewing experience while growing up using her mothers home machine to sew all manner of projects. It all began when she was old enough to reach the pedals and create pillows and toys then later changing to garments and evening gowns as her skills progressed. She had a passion for corsets and corsetry but was not satisfied with the availability of quality corsets. 

"I started Golden Lily Corsets about three years ago with the intent to make customized corsets for myself and my close friends but with help from another local business person have been able to turn my hobby into a buisess which can reach much further than my friends alone. I have found there is nothing more satisfying than lacing someone into one of my corsets who had thought that corsets were not for them, then leading them to a mirror to realize that yes, that sexy hourglass shape can be theirs too."

What we strive to achieve

My goal at Golden Lily Corsets is to provide high quality corsets crafted locally on Vancouver Island for a reasonable price. We offer off the rack standard sized corsets which are available for purchase at Garden of Eden in Victoria, Deadly Couture in Vancouver, Sweet Adult Boutique in Vancouver and Doctor Love in Kamloops, as well as  specializing is custom corsetry based out of my studio.


A Golden Lily custom corset is truly custom. This means that on a custom order we don't just offer you a choice of material then make you a corset from it using a standard pattern (unless that is what you want!)... When we create a custom corset, it is customized to you. We start by taking a series of measurements and from those draft a unique pattern to suit your body. A fitting corset is then sewn, and steel stays are inserted. This fitting garment allows you to 'preview' your corset so that if any changes are required we can make them in advance. After the fitting corset is returned, we remove the hardware and save it for the final corset. The final corset is then created from the adjusted pattern, and hardware used in the fitting corset. We keep your patterns on file for a period of time should you wish for a second custom corset to be crafted shortly after the original. While this procedure is a little bit more laborous that simply ordering your size and picking your fabric, we find it offers a better fitting garment which is truly customize to suit your body.


Are you thinking of ordering a custom or standard sized corset for yourself or as a gift but still have questions? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it